[101+] Best Telegram Channels for Earning Money India-2020

Hi friends, I am Abhishek From team Earn2you.com. Today I came with [101+] Best Telegram Channels for Earning Money India-2020.  Yah! You heard right, you can earn money by Telegram app. 

In this article we have shared with that What is Telegram App? Top Earning Telegram channels, Best Telegram channels for Daily Earn money, Win Paytm cash, Scratch card, Paytm-lifafa. So without wasting your time, let us first know what is Telegram app?


best telegram channels

Telegram is a messaging app. The Hindi meaning of telegram is “text of wire”. Till now the Telegram app has been downloaded over 10,00,00,000 (ten crores) times and has ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star Rating. Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP (Internet Protocol) service. Cloud in this means that the data in your Telegram app is stored in Telegram’s server rather than your device.

You can also download the Telegram app on your mobile and PC, you can also use the Version Web version of Telegram Web Yes, its desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Friends, you already know that there are many types of social networking sites on the Internet. Of these, only Telegram is also one. It provides excellent options for chatting with friends.

do you know? … you can use Telegram in 13 languages. Its user interface is very easy that you will not have any problem in using this app.

In the Telegram app, you can share photos, videos with your friends. The best feature of this app is that it contains very funny stickers and Giphy, which you can enjoy by sending it to your Telegram group.
But the bonus fact about this app is, you can download all those things that you download from ‘The Google Chrome’. Such as – photos, videos, audios, apps, documents, premium software, etc.


The best way to earn from Telegram is by creating a Telegram channel, you can make a good income by promoting it by creating a Telegram channel.

The whole process is as follows:- First of all, you have to select your category, what category of the channel you want to create. Your category can be anything like the Health category, Tech category, Sport category, online earning category, business ideas category, You can select any of these categories.

Then create your channel, after that you have to put good content in it which builds your audience and you can monetize your telegram channel and earn a lot of money from sponsors.

Friend, this is the most basic method to earn in telegram but There are many more ways to earn from Telegram channel as you can also do affiliate marketing from your channel and earn millions of rupees.

When you have a good audience on your channel, then you can earn money by promoting someone else’s telegram channel and can charge money for promotion on your channel, which will earn you a lot of money.

But if you are a beginner and your channel is still small, you can earn a lot of money by best telegram channels and winning the giveaway by participating in the giveaway. This method is for beginners who just started their new channel on Telegram.

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In this article, We have The 101+ best telegram channels for Earning Money and we have also shared the basic information about the telegram app  That What is the telegram? , How You Can earn money by the Telegram app?

So, I hope the information is given by us totally satisfied you and Solve your all quarries and we also hope that you liked our blog so, it is a request to you that  Don’t forget to share this artic;e with your friends and family.

Thank you!


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