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Multi Product Online Service is a Haryanvi company that started in the year 2019. This is BEST RECHARGE SERVICE PROVIDER IN INDIA. The company of doing recharges of telecom companies like  JIO, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, etc and they have also provided DTH recharges of several DHT operator companies at very low and cheap price. This is the company of Free recharge tricks.

If you want to get rid of the hassle of every month’s recharge and want to save some money too, and want to recharge cheaply from the market rate.

So this Multi product online service is only for you. From here you will not only be able to recharge, but you can also earn money by recharging your friend through yourself and increase the validity of your recharge plan too.

So, overall, Multi Product Online Service is a platform that not only saves your money, but this company is also able to earn money for you and can also generate part-time passive income for you.

Their mission:-

Multi Product Online Service gladly expects to become not just the main Recharge Company worldwide regarding volume and number of records inside two years. It likewise intends to offer a wide assortment of monetary instruments, just as thorough cash the board administrations.

The organization’s crucial to convey institutional-level administrations to every one of its clients, both institutional and individual retail speculators, by giving imaginative exclusive innovation, ease, guideline, the security of clients reserves, far-reaching statistical surveying instruments, propelled projects and world-class client care.

NOW, Let’s move to the next Point that how Multi product online service works.

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multi product online service company which is a Haryana company.
Here you will have to register and this is where you will get the ID, here you can recharge yourself and get the other recharged as well.




First of all, you can go to the multi product online service by searching on Google or clicking on the link below by us.

Click here


Then we will see the login option where we will be asked for user id and password.


Fill those details and click on the login button.


Then the next page will be open where many options will be shown where you have to click on new registration, then the registration form will open in front of you.


Then we will have a number box where we have to fill our E-Pin number(Refer code)


Then you have to select the side where you have to select the left side. This is networking. If you want, you can add two or three people through it, which will benefit you


Then you have to fill your name, email address, city, district, state, mobile number, address, Aadhaar number, PAN number, bank name, account number, and IFSC code.


Then you have to fill your nominee details where you have to fill the nominee name, relation with the nominee, and nominee age.


Then you have to create your four-digit password and click on submit


Then you will get a message in which your sponsor user name, inside which you have made your registration, will appear under which your password will show. Below that will be your transaction password so that you can recharge others.


In the next process, you have to do your KYC and update your profile.
For this, you have to click on my account button, you will get two options that will improve your profile and second KYC


First, You have to check on your profile.
After that a page will open in front of us where we have to update our profile, that is, we can update our mobile number, our name city, state, etc., whatever.


Second KYC update – When we click on the KYC button, a KYC page will open in front of us where we will ask for our Aadhaar number and our PAN number. After filling those details, you can click on submit and update your KYC.


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You have definitely search on google and youtube that How to earn money By Multi Product online service but you haven’t get any answers because everyone is only telling about its plans and features. But I am sharing the secret of this website so, Let us know about how we can make money in it.

When you are automatically signed up for the first recharge, then you get an E-PIN number, which you can also call the Refer code number, then you have to do two recharges within 48 hours of your recharge.

We can say as if you have a plan of 699 and you have joined any two friends from your referral code to IP number within 48 hours below you and get them recharged, then you will get two benefits, first, your validity date is 6 months From 1 year onwards, and when you join a third friend with your referral code, then you will get ₹ 100 which you can do an instant transfer in your bank account, but if you have 1199 plan is activated. Then you will get 150 rupees on Your per to refer Friend. So in this way you can earn money by recharging your friend or someone else.

there is another way to earn in this website, you can increase your income by purchasing a franchise of this website. The franchisee price of this website is ₹ 10000.

If you are capable, then you can buy their franchisees and double your income, but if you follow my advice, do not buy the franchisees. You should get a referral from your E-Pin number only.

WHY you HAVE to take any risk and put ₹ 10000 in the franchise, then my opinion would be that you should not give much importance to their franchise

now let move on Disclaimer


We have reviewed this website without any promotion and have given you information about it. But if you want to invest in it, then it will only be your responsibility or the entire risk will be yours. Our responsibility was just to give you the information, which we have given in this article. We have nothing to do with this website.

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About the post

In this article, we have provided every little bit of information about Multiproduct online service. Through this, you can recharge any company’s mobile and DTH at a much cheaper rate than the market rate.

In this, all the information on this website is given, such as what is the multi product online service, how it works, what is its recharge plans, and how can you make money from it.

We have also told whether we should take their franchise or not, what are its advantages and disadvantages. We hope that the information given by us will be useful to you and you will like our article.

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  1. Sir, its working greatfully. I’m using 699 plant.
    After reading this article , now I’m totally sure about it.
    Thank you! for this information sir

  2. This just a ahit. Every month you ned renewal recharge which takes a lot of time. Totally waste of time and money .

  3. You should also tell about the renewal recharge time that taken by company. Why are you put people in darkness.

    This is illegal company. This company has no any legal documents and this company is not registered on Ministry of Cooperative affairs.
    Renewal Recharge takes 5 to 7 days even 15 days also. So don’t waste your time and money here. Please recharge thru mobile shop or thru Paytm or


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